portable dry dust collector

Grinder Booth Dust Collector (WGB Series)

Specially designed for grinding large subjects booth type of dust collector does not require a separate hood.

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icon_num01.gifBooth unification dust collector system
There is no need to install another dust collector.
icon_num02.gifConvenient Maintenance
Air Pulse Valve & Air Tank are at front side for easy repairing.
icon_num03.gif Air Flow Control Slot Damper Installation
Many slot holes on front wall can overlap to adjust air flow.
icon_num04.gifAir Supply from the top of booth
It's design to be smooth dust collection by pushing the air from the top of Booth.
icon_num05.gif Transparent side screen walls
Transparent side walls on the left and right sides to see inside through. Workers can pass through the side screens.
pd_wgb.jpg pd_wgb1.jpg
pd_wgb2.jpg pd_wgb3.jpg pd_wgb4.jpg
Filter Simple Maintenance Best at the Grinding Work
Effective shaking off and Filter replacement without tools The diaphragm Valve installed in the front surface so maintenance is convenient Designed to be used conveniently in various grinding works.
Model DDT-1500 WGB-2000 WGB-3000 WGB-4000
Motor(Kw) 5.5 7.5 5.5×2 7.5×2
Air Flow
50Hz 65 80 130 160
60Hz 80 100 160 200
50Hz 190 200 200 200
60Hz 200 200 200 200
Filter Area(㎡) 33.75 45 67.5 90
Quantity 18 24 36 48
BOX Capa(ℓ) 85 110 170 220
Weight(Kg) 550 650 1100 1300