portable dry dust collector

Vacuum Collector(WSD-1350)

Mostly use for sanding work before car’s painting and also use for cleaner. It is efficient for fine-grained particle.

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icon_num01.gif Economical style with high inhalation power
It has a turbo fan of medium to high pressure, so it uses least electric power and has high inhalation power.
icon_num02.gifEasy to use filter
Dust sticks to the filter and is separated by controlling a shaking lever. Also, it is easy to install and separate filters when you change them.
icon_num03.gifUsing Motor for both 50 and 60Hz.
The Motor runs at both 50Hz and 60Hz, so you can use it two ways.
icon_num04.gifIntegral cooling system
It is designed with its own cooling system, so it doesn't generate heat.
icon_num05.gifAttached speed controller
It has a controller which can regulate the volume of wind.
icon_num05.gifCleaner Features
It can use as a cleaner due to adopt cleaner’s Hose.
pd_wsd.jpg product_spec_title05.gif
  • Before polishing car painting
  • Fine dust cleaning, etc.
Model WSD-1350
Power(V) 220V 1Φ (50/60 Hz공용)
Motor(W) 1350
Air Flow(㎥/min) 2.5
Pressure(mmAq) 2400
Filter Meterial 3D POREX
Inlet(mm) 25
Shaking Handle Lever
Dust collecting method

Drawer type of Dust Box

Dust Box(W×L×H) 405×495×85
Weight (kg) 50