Wet Scrubber

Venturi Whirlpool Scrubber(VWS-Series)

Our company’s upgraded product even more than WS-model. The first collection in ventury parts and The secondary passage in Whirlpool scrubber class and making the maximized of dust collection efficiency. Smell particle was designed will be able to absor

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icon_num01.gif3 Layers Dust Collection Type
constructed with venturi, Whirlpool, absorption, 3 layers dust collection type. It's able to simultaneously collection, purification the gas, smell and minute dust.
icon_num02.gifChemical treatment can be controlled.
Chemical treatment can be controlled considering sort of Toxic gases
icon_num03.gif Installation of the transparent window.
Installed the transparent window in order to see inside and easy maintenance
icon_num04.gifHigh Temperature, Moisture, Explosive Dust Optimum
High temperature gas, spark contain dust, hygroscopic dust, explosive dust etc exhibit excellent dust collection
icon_num05.gif Supplying Volume of Water
It should be evaporated water roughly 2cc/㎥ in the normal temperature, therefore, replenish with water after use.
icon_num06.gifEasy to Clean the Sludge.
Designed to run down the settled sludge into the sludge tub after operating the machine.
icon_num07.gifExhaust According to Use Jointly Ozone(Option)
As a result, installed of the ozonizer can expect to deodorization and disinfection effect by using ozonized water.
  • Explosive dust, hygroscopic dust, spark contain dust, Fire Explosive dust high temperature waste gas, smell and smoke gas etc.
pd_vws2.jpg pd_vws1.jpg pd_vws3.jpg
[Venturi Part] [Whirlpool Part]
[Demister & Activated Carbon Demister ]
. Water is sprayed and absorbed into the dust particles passing through the Venturi unit. The remainder after through venturi the dust particles is perfectly removal from secondary dust collection by scrubber. (Option) = The dust particles are clean purification after through in venturi, whirlpool parts and the remaining smell removes for compliance by tertiary activated carbons.
※재질 : Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel(304 , 316) , PVC+FRP 중 택일 / 대용량 주문제작※
Model VWS-2000 VWS-3000 VWS-5000 VWS-7500 VWS-10000
Output(Kw) 1.5 2.2 3.7 5.5 7.5
Air Flow
( ㎥/min)
50Hz 7 10 17 25 35
60Hz 10 15 25 35 50
50Hz 350 350 350 350 350
60Hz 500 500 500 500 500
Pump(Kw) 0.75 0.75 1.5 2.2 2.2
In Let(mm) Φ100 Φ125 Φ150 Φ200 Φ250
Size(AxBxC) 1420×980×2300 1550×980×2500 1700×980×2600 1900×1000×2700 2000×1100×2900
The above specification subject to change without prior notice in the event of product improvement.