Flexible Arm Hood

Flexible Arm Hood

No resistance to air flow due to outside joint type. - Inhaling volume and speed were maximized due to circle slot hood design.

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icon_num01.gif Elbow is on the outside, so there is no air resistance and noise.
icon_num02.gif Hood is designed to control the resistance of the warm current, because hood was made in slot type to raise speed high.
pd_wfa.jpg pd_wfa1.jpg

Arm reach

Arm diameter

Available hood


1500 75 160


2000 75 160


1500 100 200


2000 100 200


2000 125 250
1230 3000 125 250
1520 2000 150 315
1530 3000 150 315
2020 2000 200 350
2030 3000 200 350
 ▶ Joint part
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pd_wfa5.jpg pd_wfa6.jpg
[Material : Stainless steel] [Material : Polypropylene ]
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TYPE External Joint(Wooyang Product) internal Joint(Other Company Product)
resistance of the air As the joint support fixture is located in outside, there is no resistance to air flow and no noise. Joint support fixture & duct support fixture located in internal part. So It has huge resistance to air flow.
Noise Dust consist of circular thin plates. It has slippery inside, joints located in external so there is no noise caused by the air resistance Duct has flexible hose, joint support fixture & dust support fixture located in internal part So It has huge resistance to air flow and big noise.
Life there is no resistance to air flow and no noise. Inner part of duct has joint and support fixture so it pile up Foreign substance.
replacement of material

It can manufacture replacing SUS & PP for strong acidic work

Because of foreign substance, Life is short and has frequent breakdown. It has corrosion risk