Wet Scrubber

Table Type Wet Scrubber(TWS series)

It is a Table type wet dust collector with built-in worktable type. There’s fire risk if they using filter type of dust collector during flame grinding work.

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icon_num01.gif Bottom suction type
It has bottom suction type, also helps scattered dust pass through worker’s respiratory organ (not inhaling). It has excellent efficiency of dust collection.
icon_num02.gifExcellent for Flame grinding !
It has no fire risk because dust collection has done by turbo fan, which whirlpool the water
icon_num03.gif Quiet during the operation!
Quiet operation is possible because of noise control design.
Model TWS-1300 TWS-1800 TWS-2400
Output(Kw) 2.2 3.7 5.5
Air Flow
( ㎥/min)
50Hz 42 70 91
60Hz 60 100 130
50Hz 110 110 110
60Hz 120 120 120


1300×1370 1800×1370 2400×1370
ㆍThe above specification subject to change without prior notice in the event of product improvement.