portable dry dust collector

Gold Dust Collector

Using first Pocket filter and Second Hepa filter, it is perfectly collect the gold dust, and the filter can be easily dismounted for replacement

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icon_num01.gif It removes 99.98% or more of particles of
0. 3um(3/1000mm) or larger.

icon_num02.gif It convenient for replacement of filter which has Pocket type.
icon_num03.gifBecause of designed by Low noise, Quiet operation is possible
icon_num04.gifIt has attached motor-speed-controller for adjustment of airflow



Jewelry grinding work

Dental laboratory

Pharmaceutical preparations



Model GDC-1350
Output(w) 1350
Air Flow (㎥/min) 2.5
Size(L X D X H) 400 X 570 X 450
Weight(Kg) 20