portable dry dust collector

Slide-Filtered Small Dust Collector(NP Series)

Downward air flow system, No need to take the upward air flow design into consideration because of Downward air flow system

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icon_num01.gifUp-Down direction air flow system .
It’s Up-Down direction air flow system so doesn’t need to consider flow direction.
icon_num02.gifLarge filtration surface of long-round type cartridge filter.
High filtration efficiency in small space because of design of the long-round type cartridge filter with large filtration surface.
icon_num03.gifHigh efficiency with small installation space.
When designed with same motor capacity of other existing systems, it will have high efficiency with 2/3 space.
icon_num04.gifPowerful and low noise Blow Nozzle.
Processed with laser spot pipe in order to powerfully shake dust on the filter surface with low noise.
icon_num05.gifOne-Touch type replacement of Dust Box(Option)
Designed in one-touch type for putting in and out of the dust box for convenient use.
pd_np1.jpg pd_np2.jpg pd_np3.jpg
Round rectangular Convenient Construction Digital Monitor
Standard Type : Realization of 99.9% efficiency in 5㎛ up.
Special Type : Realization of 99.9% efficiency in 0.5㎛ up.
 Easy filter input due to horizontal structure
 Easy maintenance because diaphragm valve is installed in inside door.
Showing Filter replacement cycle automatically by alarm or lights
After fan stop, automatic shaking
Designed to adjust control sensors on outside of panel.
Model NP-2000 NP-3000 NP-5000 NP-7500 NP-10000
Motor(Kw) 1.5 2.2 3.7 5.5 7.5
Air Flow
50Hz 15 25 40 60 80
60Hz 25 40 60 80 100
50Hz 190 190 190 200 200
60Hz 200 200 200 230 250
Filter Area(㎡) 27 36 45 54 108
Quantity 3 4 5 6 12
In Let(mm) Φ150 Φ200 Φ250 Φ300 Φ350
BOX Capa(ℓ) 60 70 80 130 130
Weight(Kg) 260 300 360 420 450
SIZE(A×B×C) 700×1300×1600 800×1300×1600 970×1350×1715 1240×1350×1750 1240×1300×1885